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Une Année à Paris, l’Automne

The story in autumn of Paris starts with a dream of a mademoiselle.

Lady Margaret is a rainy Parisian. She likes to stay in her cozy house while listening to the rain drops on the window. Reading books and listening to radio are her biggest hobbies. Not like a common french girl, she takes tea instead of drinking coffee. Especially she likes taking a sip, reading future from Tarot cards, focusing on the murmur of rain and falling into deep sleep. Probably because she gets her blood from Marie Antoinette, she dreams if she can go back to the royalty. That’s why a prestigious tea salon can always touch her heart.

Among all the tea salons, Au Petite Versailles Du Marais is her favourite. This name always reminds her the sumptuous treatment from the heart of Paris, Versailles. Such a tiny house has all the french classics: chandelier, flower printed pillow, canapé and giant gold-rimmed mirror. A long carpet runs from the door till the cashier. When the lights on, the entire room shines glorious light. 

There is only French mature ladies and flavoured tea selections. Among several perfumed black tea, green tea and white tea, Lady Margaret loves white tea the most. So she chooses Tendre Rencontre au Ponts des Arts. From its pink packaging to cute cloth tea bag, details tell the guests how extraordinary the quality is. Not to mention the sweet lychee fragrance. The gorgeous Margaret sits straight, one hand holding Le Rêve au Pavillon Rouge, one hand sending the cup to her creamed lips. Oh Margaret, such an unusual mademoiselle.

Just next to the store, a bakery which belongs to the tea salon supports all the pastry for the guests. Even though Tarte d’abricot is Margaret’s all time favourite, this time she’d rather choose a tower La Mère Superieur. It is base on a creamy brioche, in the middle is coffee filled chou and on the top a pink berry macaron, elegant and exquisite, just like the pink cheek of Margret. 

Margaret is the youngest guest in the salon. There is no kid nor teenagers but only lovely old ladies. They never talk too loud. They share the same habit, however, Margaret’s story is somewhat different from anyone here.

She dreams to have tea in Chinese porcelain within a Chinese palace.  She doesn’t known that in the other side of a city, her dream can come true in a snap.

T’Xuan is so exclusive place! It is like a little China in the city of light. Nothing here is related with France. All the furnitures are red wood. The decoration of the wall is made with Chinese porcelain. And at the corner if the ceiling, she can even find a cage for real birds singing inside. Love at first sight, this unique venue may become her must go place. 

The signature dish is the little pagoda which contains 5 dishes. Look, on the top is a bowl of Taro balls. Following on the left side it’s mango with black rice while on the right side it’s orange tapioca pudding. Then in the heart of the pagoda in a decorative vase, a little plant is breathing out white smoke, creating an atmosphere of heaven. On the bottom line, a creamy cake and matcha jelly sit together. These consist the luxury pleasure to the mouth for two guests. 

Someone must take Margaret here to share the sweet melty sensation in a gloomy day. As if a shitty day happens to her, the waiters here knows how to flatter the guests, exactly like the concubines who rack their brain in a bid for a smile from the emperor in the forbidden city. Sometimes Margaret wishes to be a man so he could be the king of France. By some distance he will unite Europe and China to have a peaceful world. Then there will be no need to divine from the Tarot cards nor listen to radio to calm down.

Today Lady Margaret is staying in her home as usual, having tea and reading books. She seems  to be waiting, waiting for someone to show her another tea world. The night of autumn falls earlier and easier. A cup of tea can help her sleep tighter. In her dream, she is dressing on a couture, taking Oolong in a pavilion in the Forbidden City. Her pink outfit suits red and gold color of the building shining cheerful light.

Shhh, good night.


– Au Petite Versailles Du Marais

   1 Rue Tiron, 75004 Paris

– T’Xuan 糖轩

   56 Rue de la Fayette, 75009 Paris




Au Petite Versailles Du Marais是她在巴黎最爱的茶室。正如其名,凡尔赛般的奢华让她流连忘返。这一间小小的茶室有着法国贵族宫廷的精髓:从正门进入,长长的地毯笔直通向柜台;地毯两侧,长沙发椅和和古典椅子让人联想末代王后的寝室;两侧墙壁装上了镶着金边的巨大玻璃;抬头一看,玻璃吊灯折射出璀璨而温和的淡黄色光芒。

这里有红茶,绿茶,白茶和花草茶。她最喜欢的是一个叫Tendre Rencontre au Ponts des Arts艺术之桥的温柔相会的白茶。粉色小巧的包装和织布茶包,与纸袋和无纺布茶包形成对比,细节里便告诉客人们茶包优异的质量。而那香味更不用提,一股淡淡的荔枝甜蜜香气萦绕在玛格丽特身旁。她左手拿着法译红楼梦,右手捧着茶杯,一股温热的暖流驱散从外带来的寒气。玛格丽特,多么与众不同的少女!

就在茶室旁边,是个同名的面包坊。这里的法棍曾在巴黎排名第二,而甜点同样出色。尽管杏子派Tarte d’abricot是玛格丽特的最爱,可是,店里的一道女王塔La Mère Superieur才是最吸引人的。塔的最底端是一个奶油夹心的面包,中间夹了一个咖啡味的泡芙,最上面这是覆盆子味的粉色马卡龙,奢华而精致。









– Au Petite Versailles Du Marais

  地址 1 Rue Tiron, 75004 Paris

– T’Xuan 糖轩

  地址 56 Rue de la Fayette, 75009 Paris

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