Creative Thinking Journal

A Construction of Creative Thoughts

2nd of November, Monday


Lego Creation

Today I had the first class of Creative Thinking by professor Marie Taillard. In the class, we played Lego bricks to explore our creativity. She chose Lego because all of us could start to play in a beginner level which is fair to everyone. Besides, there was no rules to play the game but to achieve the goal.


It was my first time to play Lego and I found it very cool. My two outcomes reassemble my own imagination so each of us have different works. It reminded me of a saying from the resident of China Deng Xiaoping. “No matter white cat or black cat, it is a smart cat as long as it catches rats.”


So from the picture we can see that my first work, a duck has the element of the wings and a flat mouth. The outside of box point is the colour, i made it very irregular because of the sources that I have. For the second one, I created an African Rift Valley scene with green, colourful bricks, my duck and giraffe based on my imagination. 


I chose to make an African natural resource view because I want to share the harmony in nature that I perceived with my classmates and professors.


The moment when I heard of doing a creative project, suddenly I have an idea of doing a visual project since I love visual objects. Today already, I have finished a visual work in class with Lego!