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Une année à Paris, le printemps 

Like a capricious child, the spring of Paris is temperamental. You have no idea what color the sky is going to give us. It is even more difficult to calm down than the yellow jacket on Saturday. 

When it’s rainy, the sky is dark as hell. When it’s sleety, the hail knocks at the window like a drum. When the wind blows, perhaps typhoon comes across all the continent from Pacific to Atlantic.  Finally when the sun jumps out, you can feel the anxiety of people, like mushrooms bouncing  to the ground. Not only human being, all the creatures take advantage to bask in the ray of light.

Later than China, flowers don’t climb to the branch until April. Probably Parisian has a special taste of Asia, I have never seen so many cherry blossom in my life. 

If you think Champs Elysées is an avenue only full of luxury shops, fancy cars and rich tourists, you are totally wrong. Half of it is accompanied by gardens, from Place Concorde to Grand Palais. Almost every 10 meters, a big cherry tree stands along the road. The most poetic site is definitely down to Petit Palais. Just in front of the palace, an enormous tree opens his arms, like a floral statue staying aside the gate. 

Back to downtown, behind Notre Dame de Paris, several small sakura trees are waving to the travellers. Pink flowers, blue sky, shiny Seine and grand cathedral. When my mood is not at ease, I often come here, sitting on the bank, looking at the people, at the pigeon or at the Huassman architecture. Not far away, in front of Shakespeare & Company, a cherry tree winds his arms above the door. Not matter it’s sunny or cloudy, the sense of literature always welcomes you.

In Paris, the biggest sakura woods locate in the south suburb, Parc de Sceaux. More like a ray garden, a castle and canal can be found in the park. Every year, Japanese cultures events are held here because of the cherry blossom. People come here for picnic and photoshoot. Weather in this year seemed colder than usual, so the florescence was longer. It was very surprising to find Chinese grannies wearing pink dancing to the relaxing music. In addition to the pink flower, also I found a white flower. They were scattered in the sky assembling snow flying in the air. 

Maybe you think Parc de Sceaux is too far from the city centre, then come to Parc Floral de Paris. My Coco took me here to explore this paid park. He is as lovely as those pink flowers. Knowing what I need, he fills my broken soul little by little by taking me here and there, meeting this and that. Especially on that day, it was so warm to chilling. We were playing with ducks and enjoying the peacocks in the park. Thank you so much. 

The moment cherry blossom fades away, the temperature is getting higher and higher. Pink has been vanished, however, the next color is on the way to take the place. Paris, I felt freezing in winter and now you warm me up. I can’t wait for the summer!










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