The Utopia Switzerland

Wow how time flies! I have been living in Europe for over 5 years and my steps have covered so many countries already. Most of my trips were about cities and cultures so I don’t really have a deep impression on nature apart from Iceland and Provence. 

Since everybody praises the landscape of Switzerland, By Lyria train from Paris, my first trip in 2020 located in Zurich.

In 4 hours, I arrived in the biggest city of Switzerland. It is a German style city facing the lake of Zurich and sitting against mountains. For me the old city is not big so feet are the best vehicle to explore. Unfortunately because of the rain I didn’t do many tourism activities. 

Particularly I enjoyed a lot in National Museum Landemuseum. The permanent exhibition showed us the history, archeology and ideology of Switzerland. It recalled me of my high school where I learned the Protestant Reformation from Martin Luther and democracy system of Switzerland. A local friend told me that in Switzerland, everyone’s voice would be heard for a government al decision. Each individual have rights to express their opinion by participating in vote and referendum. Suddenly I felt jealous, because I always wish to vote once in my life!

Outside of the city, like Utopia, the landscape is beyond descriptive! Taking a little train, I arrived in Uetliberg hill. It’s said that we could find the best panoramic view of Zurich. Well the saying is not in vain. Luckily it was so sunny that the view looks extraordinarily vivid. Zurich was a like a little grey kitten, holding a glossy lake mirror in a mountain couch. The air was so fresh that my body felt light like feather!

Go further into the mountain, I came to Lucerne. It was a smaller yet elegant city who left me a greater impression. On the street, people were walking slowly with no pressure on face. Ancient architectures was telling me the personality of Switzerland, exquisite, bright and illusional.

Afterwards Zurich Tourism took me to Mount. Titlis. The moment I got off the bus, I couldn’t helping crying. Finally, the Alps was not an image on TV commercial anymore. I was standing on the spine of Europe. Taking a deep breath, a dream came true!

Even in March, Titlis was still covered by heavy snow. It reflected such a strong light that my eyes couldn’t open. Like a little kid seeing snow for the first time, in a snap I jumped into snow and thew it into the sky. That was a CHOICE. A never experienced cold sensation swallowed my legs.  Wow, amazing! Sometimes wind blew snow in the air and I opened my mouth, imaging eating ice shake. Please do not laugh at me. By cable car and flyer, I reached the top of mountain. The view was absolutely breathtaking! Skiers seemed as tiny as sesames in the massive white. The tracks that they left on the snow waived a patterned sweater on Alps. Now that I was travelling alone, I couldn’t try skying by myself. In the end I went to play ski board for kids. That was another CHOICE. On the halfway I fell from the board. However, with snow covering pants, I continued to slide. One round after, I made the third, the fourth until the tenth, the coldness froze me completely. Even like this, a happiness wrapped all over me. 

It was so hard to say goodbye because I loved that unfiltered white, green and blue. Switzerland has been such an expensive country, but I am deeply in love with this Utopia land. 

By here you may ask, what is Utopia? I will say it’s Switzerland, where the civilisation, the landscape and people’s lifestyle are ideal for me. Cant wait to go back again!


  1. Switzerland is great to for solo traveler! Infrastructures are so well quipped that we can go to anywhere we want.
  2. Zurich’s gastronomy is more German style. My favourite restaurant is Zeughauskeller. It is even vegetarian friendly.
  3. The weather in spring is very changeable, bring an umbrella and sunscreen always. 









旅行总是令人愉悦的,然而这次的行程虽然我没有进行过多的打卡,但是我却深深的爱上了瑞士这个国家。它有着丹麦的高贵和奢侈,又有冰岛的绮丽景色,免去了美国杂乱的政治,又添加了些地中海的缓慢。 这里高昂的物价曾让我望而却步,可始终,我深深爱上了这片纯净的世外桃源。



  1. 瑞士还是很适合一个人旅行的,基础建设完整方便,去哪都很容易,火车贼多。
  2. 苏黎世的食物是德国菜系,肉肉很多,我最喜欢的餐厅在市中心,Zueghauskeller,随便点不会踩雷,对食素者也很友好。
  3. 春天天气还是很多变的,带好伞和防晒霜。

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